Why I love ‘Travel’

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

According to me, the beauty of travel is that you never know what you may find. It is as simple as that. I mean, you may have read up about the place, and done a thorough research, but you can never know what you may discover, who you may meet, and most importantly, what you may learn!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good vacation? To get out of one’s own routine to go see a new part of the world (or even your own city!). I certainly do. Going backwards, here are MY favorite parts about travel.


I do believe that travel changes you, you see the world and the lives of other people and suddenly you see your own life from a whole new perspective. And that’s the beauty of it! I feel that once you learn to do that, see things from a different perspective I mean, nothing in your life can hold you back. You now get a chance to be open to new ways of looking at your old problems. You’re more in control of your own happiness!


Not only is it about reaching new places, but also the travelling part. Sitting in a car/bus/plane/train. The anticipation to reach a new place, the feeling of wonder and excitement with a hint of nervousness. And of course, my favorite, the atmosphere that receives you at the end of your journey: that of adventure, love and hope.

Take for example, a railway station. The fact that so many people, each with a different motive are getting off a single train is exciting to me. Some people are meeting their family after really long  (I love love love seeing people waiting for the arrival of their loved ones, and seeing the way their face lights up when they finally do). Some people are here for business, some ready to go on a vacation further, possibly with friends. Some are happy, some are tired, some are excited and some are nervous (I’m usually all four, no matter what the situation)


The planning: of where to go, how to do so, who to go with and all of that, is something I find quite exciting (but also a little cumbersome especially if you are trying to coordinate with someone!) And then there is the packing. I really enjoy packing. I’m a very organised person who survives solely on To Do lists. From sitting down to decide what you may need, to actually getting it together: Aah, Heaven.


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