Uttrakhand: Zip-lining across the Ganges and beating sleeping records

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

My family’s ideal holiday involves spending a great deal outdoors and always promises some sort of adventure. In May 2016, my mother’s best friends’ family, my mom and I decided to go to Chopta, Uttrakhand.

In the last week of May, my mother and I drove down to Dehradun where we met my aunt, uncle and their twin daughters.

One highlight and topic of discussion during this week was the amount that I slept. I slept through all the car journeys (rousing now and then to appreciate the scenery through sleepy eyes). Even the drivers were amused and told me that I could really sleep. To help you understand, let me tell you about the length of each journey.

Chandigarh to Dehradun: 163.7 KM (4 hours and 15 minutes)

Dehradun to Rishikesh: 45.6 KM (we were apparently stuck in a 40 minute traffic jam and everyone came to our car and had a feast of sandwiches and soft drinks, and I didn’t even stir)

Rishikesh to Chopta: 163.2 KM (5 hours)

Chopta to Dehradun: 203.1 KM (6 hours)

Dehradun to Chandigarh: 163.7 KM (4 hours and 15 minutes)

And mind you, I slept well on time at night and without any issue!

But back to the first adventure of this trip, the zip lining across the Ganges. We reached Camp Snow Leopard by 3 PM and were welcomed with marigold flower garlands and a yummy lunch.

After a little practice session, we were ushered to the highest point of the camp, to zip-line to the other hill top over the River Ganga!

But that moment, standing on a small platform, knowing I soon had to jump off was a little daunting. It was the fun kind of nervous, the kind you look forward to and readily converts into excitement.

After re checking my harness, I smiled for the camera (not the best picture, by the way), took a step and whooosshhhh, I was on my way!

I spent the first few seconds calming myself and reminding myself to enjoy every moment of the experience. Everything was now in slow motion. I looked around me at the tree tops, and at the river snaking it’s way between the hills below. The edge of the river was sandy and I could see a few people lazing on it, some pointing at me.

As I looked in level to myself I could see the platform nearing on the other side. It was coming closer,

and closer

and closer

And then, it wasn’t. I had stopped and was just hanging mid-air! The instructor shouted for me to use my arms to hold the rope and pull myself to the platform and that’s when the fun got over. (upper body strength = next to nothing)

Anyhow, the other two brave souls (my aunt and uncle) were waiting for me and a short trek later, we were ready to zip-line back to Camp Snow Leopard.

I went faster this time but still enjoyed myself and made sure I was smiling for the photographs I knew my friends were taking!

Fifteen minutes later, with a happy heart and slightly light head, I followed everyone to the banks of the river to relax for a while before dinner.

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