The Mill on the Floss

This story stayed with me for a long while after I finished it.

This is a copy of The Mill on the Floss my father gave me when I was in school and told me I MUST read it (He read it when he was in school). I tried - but I always knew it had a sad ending, so I never got past the first chapter…

Until this year, when I finally finished it. It is sad. It’s sad throughout and there were many times my heart felt heavy. But it is such a beautifully written book, and I loved how lost I’d get in it.

I love how George Eliot understood and wrote about people. Although Maggie and my story is very different (naturally, this is based in the early 1800s), there was a connect - with her and the other characters. It's a wonder how relevant the feelings and emotions of human beings are - despite circumstances, time and even age groups and genders.

What I loved most about this story was Maggie’s emotional intensity and how well I can relate to it with my own.

About the book: Maggie and Tom Tulliver are both wilful, passionate children, and their relationship has always been tempestuous. As they grow up together on the banks of the River Floss, Tom's self-righteous stubbornness and Maggie's emotional intensity increasingly brings them into conflict, particularly when Maggie's beauty sparks some ill-fated attachments. George Eliot's story of a brother and sister bound together by their errors and affections is told with tenderness, energy and a profound understanding of human nature.

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