The Lessons I Learnt in Amsterdam

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Um, I’m not too sure how to write this article without sounding like a complete knucklehead..but maybe that’s what we were?

My friend and I were in Amsterdam for just a day this July. We were travelling from Paris to London and decided to stop in Amsterdam, only because I was very keen to see Anne Frank’s house.

We arrived by train on the 12th evening and began a journey that would lead us to learning a lot of lessons, each the hard way.

Lesson #1: It is possible to book your hotel too far from the heart of the city. (A 30 minute metro+bus ride).  And it may start to rain as you lug your bags to it. And your friend may curse you. So yeah, be careful!

Lesson #2: The doors of the metros DO NOT open automatically. So if you don’t notice the “open” button like us, you may keep standing in panic while your passengers walk past you…on the other side of the door! This is actually quite a funny site to witness (for the other passengers, of course)

Lesson #3: If you have come all the way to Amsterdam in the holiday season to tour Anne Frank’s in advance! We had to stand in a 3 hour long queue. The temperatures dropped and we frozeeeeee!

Lesson #4: It’s easier to get lost in Amsterdam than you may think. (No matter how good a map reader you proved to be in Paris). However, this one came as an advantage. Amsterdam is a small place and we ended up seeing the entire city this way!

While we weren’t making silly mistakes that clearly make us sound, well, un-smart, we had quite a great time! Amsterdam is a beautiful city and a must visit for everyone!


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