City Life = 4x Fast Forward 

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I write this one week before I’m scheduled to be back home and boy, am I excited! My three months in Mumbai were nothing short of hectic. You must imagine how different life is in a busy city when you’ve grown up in the countryside.

Mumbai is truly a city that never sleeps, and while I was here, I didn’t either. I was forced, for the first time in my life, to compromise on my sleep – because I had to balance it out with working and socializing.

No, I’m not complaining. I loved every minute of my twelve weeks here (except the few that were spent worrying about messing tasks up for my boss).

I met new people and learnt new things. I can’t say I had a single difficult day caused by living away from home. I must admit though, my first two weeks here were close to miserable. Everything was new and I only knew one person in the city. That, and I fell sick.

But things took a turn when I started making friends (at work and outside of it). Things became familiar and work kept me busy. And that’s all before the partying started. Soon, I could barely count a day I was home after work. There was always something to do!

From day one it felt like someone had pressed the fast forward button on my life. Everything seemed to move 4 times faster. And I was running every step of the way.

Again, no complaining. I’ve got to experience some new things. For example;

Here, you’re spoilt for choice. In my hometown, there aren’t many places to eat out at. So it’s only on very special occasions that we eat out/order in. And it’s always from the same restaurant. In Mumbai, I ate at a different place every meal! (Except Pantry at Kala Ghora, I ate there twice a week atleast)

In the city, if you need to buy something- it isn’t a hassle! You just go out and buy it! At home, this isn’t the case. Town is a 20 minute journey that is restricted to one time a day (sometimes two- but on rare occasions) and so we depend on grocery lists and to-do lists and that one trip to function.

Third- in this fast paced lifestyle, you are short on time, but not people. Back home, everyone knows everyone (and their problems) personally. You don’t need to schedule time to meet anyone….ever!

I’m super fashionably dressed in my jeans and t-shirt back home. Here, I’m always under dressed (not that anyone is bothered, of-course)

And lastly and most importantly, Saturday nights do not exist in my hometown. They just don’t. In Mumbai? It’s not just Saturday’s the Monday nights, Wednesday nights, Thursday nights and the Friday nights (Tuesday nights and Sunday nights on very rare occasions)

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