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I am a writer. I always have been. When I was eight years old I decided I would be an author when I grew up. I kept a diary and wrote stories.

I am twenty three now and own 41 diaries and journals. In school, my friends would ask me to write stories for them and that’s how I would spend all my time. If I wasn’t writing, I would be reading. I was in boarding school and study hours were the most exciting time because I would get a chance to sit in a quiet space and write.

When it was time to choose a course and a college, it was easy. I would study journalism and mass communication. While at college, I interned with a  newspaper (Hindustan Times) and a travel magazine (Conde Nast Traveller) and then got a full time  job at a publishing house (Penguin Random House India), writing blogs and handing their social media.

This soon turned into digital marketing and I realised I enjoyed anything and everything creative. I never stopped writing and I find its the only way to make sense of the chaos in the world, and that in my own head. I am myself, the most, when I write.


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